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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year......

  So it's been awhile.  Thanks to A New Moo I decided it was time to write something down.  Now I have to figure out what.
   Mom is still getting on her feet.  Had a few set backs.  Had a scare with my Dad that really freaked me out. They asked me what they could do for me for Christmas since I had done so much for them, and I asked them to "Get back to LIVING and stay that way."  Then my mom went into the hospital Christmas day so.... lol but she is back home and doing better and working on getting back on her feet so I guess they are trying.

   Me?  Well I am not doing much of anything.  Many of you who know me knew me from my days in the paranormal field.  Radio shows, websites, teams, chats.  The other half of you know me from Stargate and Sci-Fi stuff.  I stopped with the paranormal, and now it seems I have lost an interest in the Sci-Fi area.
     Not that I do not still love it, it is just the politics people have started to play have reminded me of a time when my mother was dying and the paranormal field stomped on me and left me for dead.  It is a time I do not wish to repeat or be reminded of.  And every cause has its limitations.  There is only so much that we can do until there is nothing more to do but wait.  So I am waiting for my next inspiration to come.  It is taking awhile.

    In the meantime, I watch tv, take care of my parents, and dream about all the things I want to do.  That's the hard thing.  Knowing that if you had done one thing differently in your life, waited a few more months, said yes to some offer, that you would be in a completely different place right now.  And seeing those around you who did not get caught in the same net as you moving forward it hard to swallow.  And even harder to do so graciously.   

    Before I forget, had a few other family incidents.  My sister had to have emergency gall bladder surgery because it was about to burst, and she came out fine.  A week later, her husband had to have his colon resected because they found malignant cancer cells.  And a little over a week after that my sister went back in to have a gastric sleeve put in, which is working well.  She is so happy she has already lost 40 lbs.
    My younger brother got into fishing, BIG TIME, so that is all he got for Christmas was fishing stuff.  James has his own store now, for about 7 months now, so that has been interesting.  And my older brother has gotten some interesting offers about his music.  Brandon moved a few houses down from me, so it is like old times.  And he had a kid.  Most beautiful little girl! Ok I think that is about it for the "What has happened since last time I wrote" section.

     I, on the other hand, have no big news.  The highlight of my year, 2012, was going to DragonCon.  AWESOME!!!  I know you all heard about it from me and saw the pictures.  I so want to go again but do not know if that is possible this year.  It cost us about a grand, but was worth it.  But we are still getting caught up from THAT trip so who knows.  James and I said we would be eloping at the beginning of this year, but don't know if or when that will happen.  We ARE getting married people, so do not freak out.  Just still working on the details.  

     See? Nothing interesting..  Not one single thing. Need to change that.  My New Years Resolution was "No More Excuses".  So we will see.  Wish you all a good year and the best of luck and love.  


  1. Can totally relate hun and wish you the very best in your en devours and hope you get what dream. *hugs*

  2. HHMM, your life sounds something akin to my own,
    like you I have also dropped from the radar on the Sci-Fi and the Paranormal stuff, seems to have gone down hill a little since Tylene and I were Guests on a Brisbane based WebRadio show.
    was a real thrill though, still I have not listened to the broadcast, still reveling in the moment from my personal experience, don't want to ruin it by hearing what the world heard :-)
    As for wedding bells here, we've chosen a date, but not the year. I would like this year, but we'll see.
    btw, I love yer blog, :-)

  3. Hey, no matter how we met, I'm glad to be your friend and will be here cheering you and yours on.